Exemplary Blog// 11.12.18//

Mentor/Example Blog

Browsing through quite a few blogs about Anxiety this one in particular really stood out to me. I love that this blogger makes his posts so personal and relatable. Reading through the many posts that he has made I began to take lots of notes on how I want to craft my post based on what I was seeing from this blog. The titles that this blogger chose for his posts are absolutely astonishing. I feel so connected and want to read more and more because the interest level that he brings forth is phenomenal. I constructed a long list of clever titles that I want to include for my future posts. I now realized how strong a title can be for readers and that is what I strive to put out for readers. I appreciated the fact that this creator included dates and times to when he was crafting these posts, it made me feel like I was his friend listening to how his day went and wanting to provide some sort of support back to him. The times were especially vital because it shows you how this horrible disease of anxiety can create such heavy thoughts at all times of the day or night. I most definitely want to include the time that I am crafting my post(s) because that gives reader a much better image and connection to what is being presented to them.

Not going to lie I was afraid for some reason that I wouldn’t be able to find anxiety blogs that I could relate to but this blog I found sheer perfection in this creators work. Just the way that the layout is makes me feel so interested, and the title of his blog “Anxiety Warrior”, just amplifies my passion to be like this creator. I can’t wait to start crafting my posts just like this exemplary blogger I have introduced you to. I also noticed that this blogger includes hashtags, that is another great way to gain viewers, but also to show what is going to be discussed in that post which can help you decide if you want to read that article or pass to the next one.

My posts that follow this one will closely mimic the style of the “Anxiety Warrior”, because it is exactly what I imagined my perfect blog to look like. I was lucky enough to find the theme that he uses on his page so I will be able to get one step closer to how I want my blog to look.

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