Anxiety Hacks.

As you may know now that you have seen a few of my blog posts.. I’ve struggled with anxiety for 6+ years and I would say I know a thing or two about it. All of us sufferers live for the day that we find something that relieves our anxiety and panic, but unfortunately not everything helps everybody. I’d like to share some things that I have found that really have helped me escape a panic attack and maybe it can help you.

  • When you feel an anxiety attack coming on try and focus on the things that are around you… look at the colors, count the people, read the signs, find something very unique
  • Distract yourself!!! Talk to someone, anyone. It might calm you down.
  • Remind yourself that you got through the one before this and you’ll get through another one. Flood your brain with everything positive.
  • Focus on your breathing. Deep breaths do wonders.
  • Get on a medication/: I know that many people are very against medicating but that is truly what saved me. I hated the thought that I was on a high dosage but if that’s what helps me get through life a lot easier than I won’t hesitate.

These hacks that I have listed are very simple, yet powerful!! You will be amazed at how just looking around and distracting yourself can get you through a bad panic or anxiety attack.


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