Blog Tours: studyalike

This post will be a tour on one of my classmates blogs (Shinny’s Blog)

This blogger has a lot of great content presented and also a variety of topics, which is great because you can attract different audiences that way. At first you will notice a nice cover image and profile picture. When you begin to scroll you’ll notice to the far right there is a widget that shows the people this blogger is following and ever the profile of the individuals which adds a little extra pizzazz to their site. You will also come across some images that this blogger has incorporated into their posts, I definitely appreciate that extra aspect of it because it creates such a great visual and connects you to the topic that is being talked about.

As I read the individual posts I can’t help but want more from this blogger. The way that the content is brought out really makes you connect personally to your own life. Like I mentioned earlier, you really get drawn in by the imagery. I like how incredibly relatable the content is.

I learned a great deal of things after reading each and every post this blogger has made. The first, and most important is, mental health hits us all in different ways. The post called “Mental Health”, is by far the most amazing post I have read in quite some time. The way that this writer has constructed the piece gives me such an overwhelming amount of emotions. It feels so strange to have someone go through something like that so close to home. You always hear about suicides happening across the U.S. but, you never expect it to happen somewhere so near. This blogger really knows how to capture the finest of details which make all the difference when trying to not only hooker a reader but also make a lasting impression.

To wrap up all my thoughts on this blog, I’d like to mention how much time and creativity it takes to craft such posts that truly effect individuals that you may not even know. I truly believe that this blogger is heading in the right direction and I strongly hope that I see more content from this blogger because it does wonders, whether it’s just simply noting some helpful school aspects or touching readers hearts with the mental health content.




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