Blog Tours: Two sides of the fence

(Two Sides of the fence)

As I begin reading this bloggers posts I can’t help but be in complete and utter shock. This individual has gone through living hell and beyond! Also, I love the vulnerability this blogger puts out to truly show where they came from and how to get past it. With the few blog posts that are available to read, you deeply engage and feel so connected. The wording that is used is beyond perfect. I appreciate bloggers that show a different side of themselves and really pull in the reader with real stories and abstract diction.

I absolutely believe that this blogger should write a book. The way that they can touch others lives and show that things can get better is very important to people.

Steven, you have captured my attention in many different ways through your writing. You have such a strong soul and it is very inspiring. The fact that you are able to throw in a little bit of humor just tops it off.

The posts that I just absolutely love are called “Two sides of the fence”, and “Oh and one more thing”. You bring us along on your journey and implant us into your life in those very moments.

Steven, you have definitely taken the words right out of some people’s mouths and said it 100x better. Each and every blog post that you have oh so nicely crafted is nothing short of an inspiration.

I really want to thank you to opening up to us and showing that side of you that is very difficult. You are so strong and help more people than you may think.


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